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About Us

 We're mad about design, the moving image and sound. We approach our art with creativity, discipline, and our clients requirements firmly in mind.

video production - audio production - post production - motion graphics - project management - equipment hire
 aerial UAV - outside broadcast - live streaming - public space activation - graphic design

Matt Smith | Producer / Director / Editor
Matt has produced and directed a diverse body of work for corporate multimedia and broadcast clients proving that his creative vision and attention to detail always delivers outstanding results. Matt is also an experienced sound engineer, audio post and sound designer. Matt's Audio Visual skills have been put to use by artists and clients to project manage the delivery of interactive art works in public spaces most notably 'SCOUT' a 3-meter tall interactive AV Module located in Britomart Plaza courtyard in Auckland city.
Peter Crawford | Director / Camera Operator / DOP / Editor / Motion Graphics
Peter has an exceptional eye for detail and technical expertise, evident in his camera work and editing. Over the last 12 years he has worked on countless documentary, music, and corporate video projects filming in 12 countries across 3 continents.
Matt House | Director / Producer / Writer
Matt has over 22 year experience in TV and film making with over a 1000 hours of broadcast television under his belt. Matt has an in depth understanding of the art of film making that gives our clients a sense of complete certainty in a great out come, one that delivers on its promise in a thoughtful and compelling manner.

Jaylan Boyle | Producer / Journalist / Writer / Graphic Designer

Jaylan is a writer and musician with a range of journalistic experience, including at APN NZ Media, where he has been editor and journalist with the New Zealand Education Gazette. Among other roles as a staff reporter with The Rio Times of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and as a freelance feature writer for a wide variety of reputable media organisations. His ability to craft engaging copy and articulate a critical vantage on any theme integrates seamlessly delivering finely tuned dynamic content.
Emma Mortimer | Producer / Project Manager / Graphic Designer
Emma is an exceptional producer, with countless credits for film and documentaries working with many notable Directors. As a Graphic designer her creative flair and attention to details makes her an essential part of the team. No matter how stressful the situation Emma is the cool headed solution finder essential for large productions.

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